Magnesium Alloy Wheel Repair

Sameday provides high-caliber repairs for magnesium alloy wheels, or “mag wheels” as they are sometimes called.

Magnesium alloy wheels were first introduced in the 1950’s to reduce wheel weight on race cars. Extremely light, yet extremely strong, they increase control and steering in your car. Car enthusiasts often prefer magnesium alloy wheels over steel wheels because they manage heat better than their steel counterparts. Because of this, mag wheels tend to improve the heat dissipation from the brakes, making your brakes less likely to fail in harsh driving conditions.

These luxury wheel styles require extra care and regular maintenance in order to retain their durability. At approximately $2,500-$3,000 per rim, mag wheels are extremely expensive to replace making repair a much more pleasing option. Sameday’s technicians are equipped with the most recent repair methods to restore your magnesium wheels to their pre-damaged condition. Sameday utilizes the least intrusive repair methods to preserve your wheels appearance and performance.

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