Mobile Audi Repairs in Newcastle

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Mobile Audi Repairs in Newcastle

The past few weeks, we have been experiencing beautiful, chilly northwest weather. The crisp autumn air, sharp cold winds, and a brightly hued landscape, make for a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the last days of fall to prepare your vehicle for the blustery winter ahead.  Having mobile repairs done to your vehicle […]

Paintless Dent Repair

In life, your car will get dented. It’s inevitable, even if you are the most careful person. There are all kinds of rocks, balls, and branches out there and one of them is bound to hit your car. In the case that your car is dented, naturally you want to have it fixed. A dent affects […]

Vintage Jaguar Leather Restoration

Recently, our technician Chris, refinished leather seats in this classic Jaguar XK120 OTS . Using our three step repair process (clean, rejuvenate, and protect), Chris was able to restore these leather seats to almost factory condition. With it’s ox blood leather seats complimenting it’s vintage white exterior, this jazzy Jag looks like it just cruised out of […]

Headlight Fog Prevention

It seems that the rains have made their presence known and are beginning a long, wet season here in the pacific northwest area. Rain means condensation, and condensation means foggy headlights. It is of great importance to ensure that  your headlights are cleaned and properly sealed for the dark, rainy months. Driving at night can be […]

Luxury Vehicle Repair

If you own a luxury vehicle, you know the importance  and desire of keeping it in perfect condition. Because smooth, class, and elegance deserve perfection. If there is a ding, scratch, or any kind of blemish, it is important to have it repaired the correct way, so your vehicle is not left with further damage or […]