How to Protect your Car Against Damage this Winter 1

The changing of seasons doesn’t just affect the weather; it also affects your car. Icy roadways often cause sliding and vehicle collisions leaving fender dents and bumper scuffs. Loose chains can chip paint around the wheel well. Road salt, although necessary for safe transportation on icy highways, can damage your car if left unchecked because salt that remains on a vehicle’s surface for any length of time ruins the finish and accelerates rusting. It is essential to take quick action to protect your car from hazardous winter conditions.

The winter season can be rough on your vehicle. Without proper attention to winter conditions and proactive vehicle maintenance, damages mount up which could have been avoided by timely care and consideration. It is highly recommended to have small paint chips, scratches, and nicks repaired in a timely manner to prevent further damage and extremely costly and extensive repair processes.

Sameday uses the most advance technology in the industry to provide quality repairs at the best value. With one day turnarounds, we get your vehicle back on the road quickly. Our services are recommended by major insurance companies while often below the cost of many deductibles. In many cases filing an insurance claim is not necessary. With more than 20 radio dispatched vans fully equipped to repair vehicle damage on the spot, we make getting your vehicle repaired convenient and stress free.  Our repairs are backed with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing our services. Don’t let these winter month’s ruin the value of your vehicle; call the experts at Sameday for a free quote. 1-800-422-8897

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