Preparing your Car for Fall

To make it through the fall storms of the Pacific Northwest safely, your car will need a little extra preparation. Going the extra mile by getting your vehicle ready for the rainstorms and temperature drops, and learning what it takes to drive safely through rain, ice, and eventually snow is vital for every driver. We recommend these few simple tips that could keep your car running all winter long:

1. Make a visual inspection of your vehicle’s lights. Make sure the front and rear lights are operational.

2. Take your car to a mechanic to check the battery, antifreeze level, thermostat, heater, brakes, and defroster.

3. Check to make sure your tires have adequate tread. If the treads are worn, replace them. Better yet, exchange them for a set of snow tires that are equipped to handle extreme winter driving conditions.

With the changing of the seasons comes a great time to check out what your car needs to gear up for cold and wet driving conditions. We hope these few tips have helped!


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