Preventative Vehicle Maintenance for the Fall Season | Prepare your Car for Fall

Greetings! Fall is just around the corner, and with fall comes rainy, cold weather that meets us every day on the way to and from work. Take your opportunity on the rare crisp days of fall to focus on preventive maintenance for your vehicle. Below are a few steps we recommend:

  • Check all fluid levels. If the fluid levels in your car are low, there is usually a reason behind the low level. A hose could have a small hole that could cause fluids to leak out. Talk to your local mechanic about the frequency in changing your oil.
  • Check tread and air pressure on tires. Low tire pressure can be very dangerous and just as bad as having a bad tire. New tires not only give you better gas mileage but will be much safer as well.
  • Check spark plugs and wires to ensure they are firing correctly. One spark plug that is not firing can be problematic.

Taking a few moments to make sure you vehicle is running properly before the cold sets in will help your vehicle run better, last longer and preserve its value, while providing safe and consistent transportation for you and your family.


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