Three Steps to Prepare Your Car for Fall 1

The season’s changing once again. Here are three simple steps to prepare your car for the gradual temperature changes of fall.

Engine Performance:
Allow a trusted repair shop to check out drivability issues such as oil, brake, and transmission. Also be sure that your windshield wiper, radiator, and air condition/heating system is functioning properly.

Check Your Tires:
Be sure to routinely examine your tires’ air pressure at least twice a month. When you stop for gas, take a walk-around inspection to ensure no foreign objects have punctured the tread or walls of your tires.

Keep Covered:
Keep your car under cover and you will not only protect your vehicle from leaves and tree sap that seem glue to every part of your car, but it will also shield your windows from major ice and frost in the colder months. If you don’t have a garage or carport, think about purchasing a car cover.

Follow these steps to proactively protect your vehicle. Your car will not only operate smoother, but will remain in top condition for the colder winter months ahead.

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    Roberta Perkins

    Our seasons in California aren’t quite as harsh,
    but all these tips go for us, too. Tree sap is the worst.
    Thanks for the hints.

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