Luxury Vehicle Repairs

Sameday provides an excellent solution for scrapes, scuffs, chips, and dents with paint damage.

Frequently we provide services in situations where it may actually devalue a vehicle by painting or blending into adjacent fenders and doors.

It is beneficial for vehicle value to maintain the integrity of the factory finish. Sameday technicians specialize in repairing and refinishing only the damaged areas. Due to our paint quality and over 24 years of expertise, our technicians are able to keep the repair area .

Sameday is the only company in the world to have a unique warranty from DuPont/ Spies Hecker for small paint work.

We never paint entire panels.  Due to our paint quality and expertise, we are able to affect repairs body shops would consider impossible (i.e. perfect color match within gold or silver doors, hoods, fenders, etc…). It is beneficial for vehicle value to keep the factory finish intact as much as possible.

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