Premium Automotive Paint Repair

With almost all of today’s paints being basecoat/clearcoat systems, you may think that they are all created equal. You may also think that when a vehicle is damaged, all repair companies employ the same  high quality paint that was used during original painting at the factory. However, this is not the case. Different quality paints contain diverse chemical properties which will determine different looks and feels to the vehicle’s surface. Also, different application methods will determine the accuracy of the paint blend and color match. For owners who truly value their vehicle’s worth, it is highly important be sure that the auto repair company you choose is using approved paints and refinishing systems.

Sameday is proud to use solely Spies Hecker, DuPont’s finest line of automotive refinishing paint, for all our paint repairs. Using this high quality paint creates customer confidence knowing that the products used by Sameday to repair vehicle damage meet and exceed OEM criteria. DuPont’s line of Spies Hecker paints have been produced for more than 125 years and are endorsed by many premier automobile manufacturers. With specific approval from the car manufacturers, you can see that using the Spies Hecker line paint achieves dramatic results in the overall paint repair.

Sameday is dedicated to providing quality solutions for vehicle owners. It is evident that the paint products and application methods used by Sameday are the most optimum in the industry.

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