Premium Vehicle Reconditioning Products

Your vehicle is a significant investment so protecting your vehicle’s highest worth is extremely important to you. You want your vehicle’s finish to be perfect and flawless. But if the finish should become scratched, you want a repair which does not compromise your vehicle’s warranty. You want only the finest products in the industry used on your vehicle.

Using the right products makes all the difference on the final repair result. That’s why Sameday uses the same polishing compounds found in Mercedes, Daimler- Chrysler, and General Motors plants across the US. Our refinishing solutions are a must for customers looking for performance, efficiency, and value without compromise. We exclusively use products of the utmost quality in our repair procedures. The polishing & refinishing compounds used by Sameday are engineered to exceed the highest standards of quality and efficiency so you can be assured of improved surface quality.

Building on more than a quarter-century of experience and innovation, our dedication to customer service and the use of quality products has earned us the reputation for premier refinishing solutions. Working on-site, and on your schedule, Sameday’s highly trained technicians use superior products and advanced techniques for dramatic results and enhanced quality vehicle reconditioning. These products, produced by the world’s leading industries, combined with Sameday’s expert application systems guarantee perfect repairs.

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