Sameday Partners with the LeMay America’s Car Museum

The LeMay America’s Car Museum hosts one of the most prestigious car collections in the world. It is the dream of Harold E. LeMay, whose obsession with automobiles put him in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for gathering the largest private automotive collection – one that eventually topped 3,000 vehicles. The museum is made to emphasize America’s love for the automobile.

Last Saturday was the grand opening of the museum. Car enthusiasts from all around swarmed to get a glimpse of the timeless classics including a 1953 Kaiser, a 1917 Simplex Crane Model 5 and a rare Tucker 48. Visitors crowded the 625,000-square-foot building, gazing on more than 300 cars, shined up and set in historical context.

“It should be a motive for every American who loves automobiles to come here,” one said. “It is one of the finest homes for automobiles in the world.”

The Museum houses thousands of America’s most prized classics.

Sameday is a proud sponsor of the LeMay America’s Car Museum. Sameday assisted in the preparation of the event such as providing paint touch repair work, and small dent removal to ensure the classics would be in top condition for the grand event.

At the event we provided onsite paintless dent removal examples to demonstrate to the public how our flawless our repairs systems are. We were even able to provide dent repair work to some of the fellow vendor’s vehicles.

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