Sameday Premium Reconditioning for All Things Audi

Many automotive polishes create an excellent shine on unflawed paint.

Polishes can often hide blemishes in the finish, only to have the damage “reappear” after a rain or car wash.  When the finish is actually damaged; a chafe, scuff, or scratch must be either removed within the tolerances of the finish, or the finish must be restored.

Our technicians are equipped to address these types of blemishes to assure a permanent solution. Our methods include:

  • Exclusive use of Audi approved products, specifically DuPont’s top tier, the German-made Spies Hecker line. Since 2006, Audi of America prefers the use DuPont Performance Coatings refinish products.
  • Techniques learned through Audi OEM Refinish Certification courses.  (ICAR courses WKR01, CPS01, and REF03.)

Our on-going goal and priority is to provide you with the highest quality and value with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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