Prep Your Vehicle for Summer

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Prep Your Vehicle for Summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to prep your vehicle for the warm months ahead for whatever adventure the road may take you on. Whether you are vacationing, taking a Sunday evening drive, or a mid-afternoon picnic…here are a few tips, to prepare your vehicle for a summer full of fun […]

Headlight Fog Prevention

It seems that the rains have made their presence known and are beginning a long, wet season here in the pacific northwest area. Rain means condensation, and condensation means foggy headlights. It is of great importance to ensure that  your headlights are cleaned and properly sealed for the dark, rainy months. Driving at night can be […]

Premium Reconditioning Services | Sameday Mobile Service

Sometimes when you are purchasing a used car the dealership hasn’t had the time to thoroughly remove all the nicks and scratches from the normal wear and tear of the previous owners use. Whether its curbed wheels, scratched bumpers or just small scratches in the leather, it can all take away from the value and […]

Preparing your Car for Fall

To make it through the fall storms of the Pacific Northwest safely, your car will need a little extra preparation. Going the extra mile by getting your vehicle ready for the rainstorms and temperature drops, and learning what it takes to drive safely through rain, ice, and eventually snow is vital for every driver. We […]