Un-Masking the Odor in Your Vehicle

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Un-Masking the Odor in Your Vehicle

When odors remain in your car after a detailed cleaning, the simplest solution is to hang one of those fragrant car air fresheners from the rear-view mirror. Makes sense right? Honestly, that may seem to help for a little while, but it doesn’t really solve the problem. Air fresheners only mask the source of the […]

Leather Care

Spills: Wipe up any excess liquid immediately with a clean cloth or sponge. If necessary use lukewarm water and let the leather air-dry. Spots and Stains: Apply a mild, non-detergent soap solution with a clean, wet sponge. Rinse and let air dry. Particularly bad spots may require a detergent solution, but care should be taken […]

Leather that Lasts

There are numerous advantages of keeping your leather cleaned and protected. An expert rejuvenation process can restore years of sun damage. Applying a protectant can reduce continued sun fading and also helps to repel spills and stains. Cleaning extracts the dirt and grime which build-up over time. It is also vital to have small scuffs and […]