Auto Repair that Comes to You…

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Auto Repair that Comes to You…

Nobody looks forward to having their car serviced; even less, leaving their car in the body shop for three or more days. Sameday offers mobile service throughout Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah and many more of the major cities in Washington and Oregon. All our repairs are completed the “same day” so there’s no down-time. Immediately […]

Sameday Auto Scratch and Dent Repair Olympia WA

At our drive-in facility in Olympia WA, located at the entrance to the Olympia Capitol Auto Mall, we provide you with expert dent and scratch removal, alloy wheel refinishing, and leather restoration. With our efficient repair systems, your vehicle will be available for pick-up the very same day you drop it off. Our dedication to […]

Repair or Replace? The Great Bumper Debate

Bumpers don’t always need to be replaced when damage occurs. The cost of repairing small abrasions, cracks and holes in bumpers is often much less than replacing the part. With proven auto reconditioning techniques, Sameday’s experienced technicians can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, and torn bumpers without the many hidden costs associated with bumper replacement. Premium […]

Bumper Repair

Expert bumper repair saves you time and money. It is an excellent alternative to complete bumper replacement, especially when dealing with expensive replacement parts. By repairing only the damaged area of the bumper the majority of your vehicle’s factory finish is maintained, prolonging the value of your vehicle. Sameday’s skilled technicians use computerized color matching systems to guarantee perfect […]