Classic Car Restoration

The word ‘classic’ usually denotes something that possesses lasting significance and worth. This holds true for cars as well. A vintage vehicle whose beauty and value has withstood the test of time is a treasure worth preserving. For over 25 years, Sameday has helped classic car owners maintain their vehicle’s highest value. Our expert technicians have made repairs to many classic and vintage car makes and models such as the 1931 Cadillac LaSalle, 1952 Rolls Royce, 1957 Bentley and the1967 Corvette. Sameday offers perfect repairs and restorations that will leave your vintage vehicle looking as good as it did when it first came off of the assembly line.

You’ve spent time and money restoring your classic car and Sameday’s state-of-the-art repair methods will help you maintain your classic car’s show-stopping good looks. Whether it is a dent, door ding, paint scratch or damaged leather, Sameday’s expert technicians will be able to repair it. Sameday has created specially designed refinish systems for classic cars that enable us to repair only the damaged area (not repaint the entire panel) while preserving the majority of the vehicle’s original paint job. Using a high-end photospectrometer, our technicians are able to perfectly match your car’s paint color; even hard-to-find paint codes traditionally used on the vintage makes are no problem for our talented technicians. We pride ourselves in our ability to save the original panel work, history and finish of your vehicle. If you own a classic car, Sameday is dedicated to helping you maintain your vintage vehicle’s highest value.

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