Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is a thing of beauty and grace. The Silver Cloud model was introduced in 1955 and was so popular, it was carried over to 1966!

In 1955 growing competition in the automotive industry forced Rolls Royce to reconsider their traditional design policy, and in 1962, the final Silver Cloud III model was born. The nose was modified, the radiator lowered and perhaps the most notable change, double headlights were added. Despite these changes the Silver Cloud III looked every bit as classic as its predecessors. As with every Rolls-Royce classic, the hood of the car was embellished with the Spirit of Ecstasy symbolizing beauty and speed.

Sameday’s expert technician Cap Caputo was called upon to perform expert repairs to this fine classic. Using our premium paint repair systems, Cap was able to perfectly match the vintage color and finish, restoring the vehicle’s exterior to its original, classic look.

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