The Simplex Crane Model 5

The Simplex Crane Model 5 was a striking luxury automobile. Produced in the early 1900’s, it featured all the comforts and convenience items one might expect in a such an extravagant car.

The Simplex Automobile Company advertised the car as, “To those who demand the utmost in smoothness flexibility and luxurious comfort, this car is dedicated.” The short-lived company built racing and touring cars, yet was best known for their high-priced luxury cars, enjoyed by an elite clientele.

The Crane Simplex was an piece of beauty. The bodies of the Crane Simplex were built by the best coach builders of the day and the chassis was even guaranteed for life as long as it remained the property of the original purchaser.

The one shown in the above photos was ordered by John D. Rockefeller Jr. as a birthday present for his father, John D. Rockefeller Sr.  A note recorded to the Brewster Body reads, “John D. Rockefeller…One 7 passenger Touring body for Crane Simplex Chassis 2358 to be duplicate of the one we have on his crane Simplex 1280…Mr.R is making birthday gift of car to his father and request us to endeavor to have it completed for delivery July 8th. Do our best.” .

The automobile was complete with two bodies, one for summer (open touring) and one for winter (closed touring) motoring.

To assist in the preparations for the grand opening of America’s Car Museum, technician Chris Kirk performed touch up repairs to restore the lavish vehicle back to its original condition. By using our premium paint repair systems, Chris was able to perfectly match the vintage color and finish.


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