Vintage 1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Eight Leather Restoration

Chrysler’s 1933 Imperial Custom Eight exudes elegance and luxury. Its stylishness and sophistication start at the gracefully handcrafted gazelle hood ornament, continues to the regal grille shell and runs along the ridge of the extremely long hood. The perfect proportions of this classic automobile carry on to the split windshield before making a stylistic dip at the trailing edge of the cowl, possibly making the Chrysler Imperial Custom Eight Series CL phaeton the best-looking Chrysler to emerge from the Classic era.

Not only is the car full of beauty and grace, but this automobile has made its mark on American history. In the early 1940’s this vintage Chrysler was owned by hit opera singer James Melton who was known as “America’s Favorite Tenor”. The 1933 Chrysler Imperial was one of Melton’s favorite cars and he drove it around the Palm Beach area quite frequently. During the early WWII years when many cars were being confiscated for scrap metal, Melton petitioned the government for his car not to be turned in, claiming it was “too much a part of America’s history” to destroy.

The automobile was placed in a museum, and is currently owned by classic car collector Tom Crook. The car is being readied for the Barrett Jackson Auction, one if the most prestigious automotive auctions in America.

In preparation for the upcoming auction, Sameday technician Don Livingston, was called upon to perform leather rejuvenation to this classic Chrysler’s interior. Sameday’s premium leather restoration services utilize the same techniques as used by the world’s premier leather tanneries. With quality products and procedures approved by leading luxury automobile manufactures, Don Livingston was able to return this 1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Eight’s leather seats back to their original condition.

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