GM Grants Approval to Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker was invited, along with other refinish paint companies, to participate in the newly released General Motors 4901M Refinish Specifications. After undergoing rigorous testing procedures, Spies Hecker met all requirements and has received General Motor’s official approval.
The General Motors Service Technology Group (GM-STG), along with the General Motors North American Operations Engineering Group (GM-NAO), reviewed the test results, Testing procedures are updated annually to maintain the quality of “approved” systems used by GM Dealer Networks for the warranty refinishing of GM vehicles.
Spies Hecker’s Solventborne and Waterborne Systems were tested. Each system was tested to resist stone chipping, chemicals (softening, staining etc.), and environmental elements. In addition to these requirements, Spies Hecker passed environmental regulations as well.
Official endorsements increased both dealer and customer confidence and help secure existing customer relations. Now that Spies Hecker has received GM’s approval, their products should be considered a “preferred choice” among the General Motors Dealer Network.

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