1934 Packard Super Eight Leather Restoration

Sameday technician Don Livingston was called upon to prepare this 1934 Packard Super Eight for the Barrett-Jackson Auction that will take place later this year.

The ’34 Packard is considered by some as the quintessential vehicle of the classic car era. Throughout the early twentieth century, Packard-built vehicles were among the elite in luxury automobiles. The company was often referred to as being one of the “Three P’s” of automobile royalty, along with Pierce-Arrow and Peerless. But, Packard’s leadership of luxury cars was supreme.

Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, produced two lines of automobiles: the high-priced, luxury “Senior” models (which included the Super Eight) and the medium-priced “Junior” models. The Junior models were built using modern mass-production techniques, while the higher-end Senior Packards used a great deal more hand labor and traditional craftsmanship, placing them in quality league all their own.

1934 is arguably the most desirable year of production for classic era Packards. The fully skirted fenders, “V” grill, headlights, and running lights add to the Super Eight’s perfect balance of style and grace.

Don Livingston, Sameday’s expert technician, specializes in restoring classic cars to their finest condition. Using Sameday’s state-of-the-art leather restoration system, Don restored the interior leather door panels of this Packard Super Eight back to their original look and feel. With unique reconditioning techniques and top of the line products, Sameday technicians are able to renew your classic car’s showroom quality.

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