Flawless Leather Interiors

What single thing most signifies luxury in a car? Most automotive consumers would likely answer, “leather upholstery.” A leather interior is what sets a luxury model apart from a standard one. For example, Porsche’s basic 911 has 40 upholstered leather pieces including the dash, door panels, and seats. With all the custom leather wrapped interior parts, each Porsche 911 uses an average of six leather hides. (Additional luxury models can contain enough leather work to equal the amount of eighteen animal hides!)

For every leather interior, there is a detailed procedure that the leather undergoes before being installed into the vehicle. First, each tanned hide is carefully selected from amongst hundreds of others eliminating those with unwanted imperfections and flaws; only hides of the finest quality will be used. After the careful selection process, the leather is cut using a powerful water jet. With utmost precision, the automated machine cuts perfectly patterned, model-specific pieces. The separate leather pieces are stitched together then sent to receive a coat of glue. Next comes the painstaking task of fitting the newly sewn pieces over the interior panel structures. First a craftsman must perfectly align the seamed stitching lines into grooves in the panel frames. The leather must also be heated so that it becomes more pliable and keeps the glue sticky, helping the craftsman to stretch the leather over the molded frames and smooth out unwanted wrinkles and creases. Each of these stages requires intricate craftsmanship as well as flawlessly formulated systems, to achieve a perfect final product.

Because the manufacturing process for interior leather components is so complex and intricate, it can be very costly to replace pieces that have became torn, stained, damaged, or worn. It can also be a lengthy process waiting for custom ordered leather parts to arrive. Fortunately, there is a time-saving repair solution that restores value to your leather, at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Using the exact Tier 1, OEM coatings used and specified for premium automobile manufacturers, Sameday can rejuvenate, restore, and repair your leather back to its original look and feel. With computerized color matching our onsite repairs are guaranteed to be perfect. Sameday technicians are trained in the application of the same leather products used by the finest tanneries. Our repair system can save you time and money while keeping your original factory leather intact.

Leather is one of the most luxurious, yet delicate, materials inside your vehicle. It is a material that must be cared for and maintained. Protect the integrity of your leather investment by repairing cuts and tears quickly and keep your vehicle’s leather looking clean, fresh, and beautiful.

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