Keep Your Leather Luxurious

Leather furniture, whether in your home or in your vehicle, can tend to stiffen or become worn as it is exposed to dirt, air, and liquids. Essentially, leather is made from animal hide so it thrives off the fats and oils that animals’ bodies produce.  However, once the hide is removed from the animal it can no longer obtain the natural fats and oils that it needs to remain soft and flexible.  Consequently, your leather furniture begins to stiffen over time as it collects dirt and the natural oils dissolve. This aging process causes your leather to lose its soft feel and can eventually dry out if it is left un-conditioned.

Sameday provides repair and rejuvenation services that restore the oils and new feel to your leather furniture as well as vehicle seats, consoles, and dashboards. We can restore your leather to its original color, sheen, and feel using the finest leather care products available. We also repair leather scuffs, cuts, tears, and stains. In our final step, we apply a quality protectant to the newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather. This protectant repels water, coffee, soda pop and most other normal spills leaving your leather furniture looking new and feeling soft and clean.

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