Sameday’s Premium Reconditioning Services

The leather in some cars wears extremely fast; others seem to last for years. Nonetheless, most leather will age over time; with the proper maintenance it can last a lot longer. Sameday provides a vast range of interior car leather repair services, including cleaning, re-dye, rejuvenation, restoration, stain removal, and expert repair of cuts and tears.

We use a unique three step process which includes deep clean, rejuvenation, and protection. The deep clean  removes embedded dirt and grime; rejuvenation restores fat liquors back into the leather, and the protection creates a barrier to guard against future staining. Our OEM basecoat/topcoat system will restore suppleness and increase the durability of your leather seats while at the same time restore them to a “like new” appearance.

Using the exact Tier 1, OEM coatings used and specified for premium furniture manufacturers, our technicians are trained in the application of the same leather products used in the finest tanneries.

As a final step, Sameday applies a special protectant to the newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather. This    protectant repels water, coffee, soda pop and most other normal spills.

Our services come with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing the quality of our work.

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