The Victory Hard-Ball Motorcycle

The Victory Hardball motorcycle is one of the most modern motorcycles of its kind.

Victory’s motorcycles are designed to compete directly with Harley Davidson and similar American-style motorcycle brands with the V-twin engines, sport-touring, and cruiser configurations.

Seeking to diversify its products, the company decided to produce a large motorcycle manufactured entirely in the United States. The first Victory motorcycle, the V92C, debuted at Planet Hollywood in the Mall of America. Production began in late 1998, and by the 1999 the V92C was complete. The V92C was the largest engine available at the time, and sparked a race among motorcycle manufacturers to build bigger and better engines. We jump to 2012 when the Hard Ball is introduced and sets a whole new stage for motorcycles.

The core of the 2012 Victory Hard-Ball comes from its best-selling brother, the High-Ball. Blacked-out spoked wheels and a longer fender distinguish the Hard-Ball from the High-Ball. The famous Freedom V-Twin power engine is the heart of the bike and is expertly balanced for perfectly controlled explosions that deliver 97 horsepower and 109 ft. lbs. of hole shot torque.

Technician Joe Krawczyk performed perfect paint refinishing repairs to the back of the bike. While the customer was told replacement of the entire back panel was the only option, Joe was able to flawlessly repair the scratch saving the customer time as well as money.

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