Color Matching Solutions

Matching car paint colors is no easy task. Color identification is a mounting challenge in the auto industry because the variety of colors in the market is steadily growing. There are more than 60,000 colors around today, with an average of 1,000 colors added each year. One of the most important skills a refinisher can possess is the ability to reliably and quickly determine the right color for the job.
To support our customers, Sameday offers a full array of color matching tools to help get the correct color. Sameday’s digital color measurement via high-tech photospectrometer allows technicians to perfectly match any surface color. They also use Spies Hecker’s CRplus software which evaluates the electronically collected data and outputs a precise color formula in a matter of seconds. Whatever the job and whatever the finish, be it metallic, solid, or pearlescent, Sameday’s expert color matching systems will give you the best refinish solution available.

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