The Secret to Successful Silver Paint Repair 1

For ten consecutive years silver has readily outsold alternative vehicle colors such as black, white, red and blue, making it motorists’ favorite vehicle color choice world-wide. Silver may seem like a simple color, but in fact there are numerous variables to consider, including hue variation throughout the color spectrum ranging from dark charcoals to light pewters. Another facet of silver paint is its high metallic content. Due to this, silver is commonly known within the automotive industry as the most difficult color to match.

Intensive training and thoroughness is required in order to correctly complete a silver paint repair. Because precision and technical knowledge is crucial in order to provide a perfect color match, Sameday technicians are enrolled in constant training programs. Their expert product knowledge enables them to provide small yet perfect blends to even the most challenging silver variations. As with all paint refinishing jobs, color matching is the most vital step of the repair process. If matched incorrectly your vehicle could be left looking unattractive with dark spots appearing in different angles of light.

We use the least intrusive repair method as possible. Keeping the repair small promotes minimal coverage, making blending color within vehicle zones easier to complete. When a color can be hidden within the natural curves and body lines of the vehicle, it eliminates the need for blending into adjacent, undamaged panels. This ultimately maintains your vehicle’s value, by allowing the majority of your vehicle’s original OEM factory finish to remain uncompromised.

With Sameday’s lifetime warranty, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your vehicle was repaired using the finest repair systems. Our certified, highly skilled repair technicians will restore your vehicle back to its ideal state.

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