Insurance Claims Handling

Auto Insurance Claims Handling

We are proud to extend our auto repair services throughout insurance networks.
Our on-site mobile repair services offer time saving repair solutions to bumper scrapes, paint scratches, door dings, dents, chipped paint, and interior dash board and door panel damage.

We offer quality repair options for the following types of insurance claims:

– Minor Collisions

– Hail Damage

– Vandalism

– Overspray

– Parking Lot Damage

Sameday is the preferred auto repair option for many of the Northwest’s premium insurers. We deliver convenience, courtesy, and professionalism to the customers we serve. Our services come with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing the quality of our work, and all of our employees, including support staff, undergo continual, always advancing training. All our repair locations throughout the Northwest are I-CAR Gold Class Certified.

Our paintless dent repair system is the best in the industry. We are equipped with special tools that enable us to repair most dents without damaging the corrosion protection, often repairing the dent from the outside. Each of our crew leaders are certified paint refinishers and carry an entire high-end European (Spies Hecker) factory authorized paint mixing system in their vehicles. Using only superior repair products, we guarantee that your vehicle keeps its utmost value.

We also provide exceptional quality refinish work on bumper scuffs, paint scratches, and other small claims. As needed, our office has the capability to locate OEM parts throughout the Northwest and can usually acquire parts overnight if not the same day.

The Sameday team is dedicated to assisting their clients, providing them with onsite auto repair service, perfect repairs, and outstanding customer service. Call for a free quote today or visit one of our insurance approved auto repair shops!


pictureThanks for the tip about Same Day. They were great. They went to the claimant’s office in Lincoln Towers the day after she called them… She gave the OK to repair and paint the 2004 Acura bumper. They did all the work in the parking lot that same day (thus the name). The claimant was extremely happy and they saved us a lot of money over taking it to a body shop (we paid it out of pocket). I don’t think your adjusters could go wrong by giving out their name to anybody in need of minor repairs. Thanks again.”

Matt Overholt, Farmers Insurance Special Claims Representative, Portland, OR