Bumper Repair

Premier Bumper Restoration with Approved Systems

Scraped bumper? Sameday offers superior restoration for scuffed, scratched, cracked, dented, scraped, and torn bumpers at a fraction of the cost of total replacement. By repairing only the damaged area, we maintain a majority of your vehicle’s factory finish and preserve your vehicle’s value.

Our skilled professionals use only the highest quality automotive paint, repair tools, and technology—including computerized color matching systems to formulate a perfect color match. All of our bumper repairs utilize a high-end European paint and clearcoat, using an approved, precision technique to seamlessly blend the new paint into existing vehicle paint for flawless uniformity. We complete the process with a high-intensity, infrared baked-on finish, leaving your vehicle ready to drive.

Bumper Repair That’s Better than Replacement

Bumper replacements can take days or even weeks for removal, ordering, waiting, and installation. Add to that the substantial cost of total replacement, along with your insurance deductible and/or the increase in your premium, and you can see how Sameday’s like-new spot restoration saves time and money.

Our proven reconditioning techniques allow our experts to repair scuffed, scratched, and dented bumpers without many of the hidden costs associated with bumper replacement.

We offer same-day bumper repair service, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Call for a free quote.


See what our customers say about us…

“I have an Audi S4 that lost a fight with a parking garage pillar. The rear bumper was creased and the paint was badly scraped. Sameday’s repair was beyond impressive; the bumper looks like new, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing and repainting such an expensive part. Sameday is truly the best in the business. Their work is superlative, and their prices are very reasonable. Thank you Sameday Services! Best regards.” Ed Dalbey, Bellevue WA