Classic Car Restoration

Vintage Vehicle Repair Services

Sameday’s unique auto repair offers a variety of vintage car repair services in order to keep your classic car in its finest condition. Classic vehicles deserve special attention and we understand that when you bring your car to our repair facility you are entrusting us with your valued possession. As such, we take great care not to damage fragile original parts and expensive paint work.

Classic cars belong to a special group of vehicles which deserves the best and most comprehensive repair services available. That’s why our paint refinishing system is the best in the industry. We use DuPont’s finest line of refinish paint for expert color matching and accurate painting. We are experienced at blending silvers, golds, blacks, and pearls. We use a computerized system which decodes even the oldest and toughest paint shades for perfect color matching. Our auto repair technicians usually keep the repair limited to a small area within the panel of your vehicle, helping your classic vehicle maintain its highest value.

vintage-car-repairOur certified repair technicians will evaluate your vintage car for signs of damage, including chips, dents, scratches, and other minor blemishes and then provide you with a preliminary estimate of the resources required to complete the repairs.

Since we handle all makes and models of standard, luxury, and vintage cars from all over the world, our auto paint technicians are highly trained and are committed to providing you with exceptional work.

There is no such thing as a typical auto repair job, as every classic car has its own unique personal history, our technicians ensure top quality repairs and each repair is completed with a lifetime warranty.

Sameday prides itself on being the most responsive and customer oriented auto repair facility in the industry. We deliver unparalleled levels of performance, and help classic vehicle owners maintain their automobiles highest value. Sameday is the finest in vintage auto repair. It is where art and technology come together to create the ultimate repair results to your classic automobile.