Furniture Restoration

Leather Furniture Repair

Sameday has a unique system for repairing leather furniture. The compounds used by Sameday are engineered to exceed the highest standards of quality and efficiency so you can be assured of improved quality. To rejuvenate the leather and restore the furniture to its pre-faded condition, our technicians are trained in the application of the same leather products used in the finest tanneries. Computerized calibration guarantees a perfect color match. We can apply a special protectant to newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather. This protectant repels water, coffee, soda pop and most other normal spills.

If properly cared for, leather will last four or even five times longer than fabric or man-made fibers. However, leather will slowly soil and require cleaning. Some of these soils, like perspiration, body oils, and stains, will permanently stain and damage the leather if not cared for promptly. Also, leather requires regular moisturizing to prevent pealing and cracking and to keep that soft, supple feel that you love. We highly recommend that you have your leather furniture cleaned and conditioned every six months to maintain that brand new look, and feel. Sameday uses a three step process to ensure your leather will last as long as it possibly can: Cleaning. Rejuvenation. Protection.

Leather Furniture Cleaning & Rejuvenation

Typically, a piece of leather furniture that’s properly cared for can last for two decades or more. But in order for your leather furniture to stay looking good over the years, it will need some proper care. As leather ages it not only collects dirt but loses its soft feel and becomes stiff as the natural oils dissipate. Also sometimes leather sofas become worn because of sun and dust and the color can fade drastically. Sameday has everything needed to restore the oils and the “new” leather feel to your furniture.



We are so thrilled with our “new” couch and chair. My husband came home and was amazed. My piano students noticed too. You were a pleasure to work with and we are so pleased to have the cleaning and repairs finished before our upcoming party. Thanks for being so flexible.

When I looked at your website and saw the before and after photos, I decided to try your services. But I never imagined that you would be able to make such a difference in such a short time. It’s so nice to know that I don’t have to cover up the eye sores any more. Thanks to your expertise!! I wish you continued success in all you do. I will be sure to pass your name to my friends.”

Caroline and Tom Quinn, Seattle, WA