Lease Vehicle Repair

Mobile Scratch and Dent Repair for Leased Vehicles

Avoiding Unnecessary Lease Return Repair Charges

Did you know that you could be charged for wear and tear to your vehicle once your lease is up? You could incure additional fees for auto damage such as door dings, key scratches, bumper scrapes, damaged alloy wheels, and minor interior damage.

When you return your lease vehicle back to the lessee, you are entirely responsible for any damages the lease company assesses as “excessive wear and tear”. With the repair companies hired by the leasing companies, your auto repairs could total anywhere from $800 and up.

You can’t afford to leave those parking lot mishaps on your car prior to turning in your vehicle lease. Avoid extra charges at the end of the lease and call Sameday to repair minor auto damage such as dents, paint scratches, bumper scuffs, scraped alloy wheels, and minor interior damage and save money!

How can Sameday Auto Repair save you money on your lease return?

Our professional auto repair team will examine your vehicle for damage that you will likely be charged for when your lease expires, such as: scratches in the paint, door and fender dents, scuffed bumpers or wheels. We will then provide you a free estimate which offers you the repair solution that best fits your automotive needs and helps reduce expensive fines when returning your leased vehicle.

Sameday’s auto reconditioning and repair service can save you money. By repairing the minor damage rather than replacing the parts or repainting the entire vehicle panel. Our technicians are professionally trained in the fine art of the “small, perfect” repair, which is helpful by saving you both time and money.

Sameday repairs your leased vehicle’s damage with efficient and precise processes at an affordable cost to you. Our goal is to restore your vehicle back to its original factory specs, with a flawless finish. Sameday guarantees a perfect color match and blend. Make sure prior paint damage is unnoticeable and in compliance with the lease turn-back terms; choose Sameday, the quality repair option.

Accidents happen, even to the most meticulously cared for vehicles. You can trust our auto paint technicians to exceed all of your vehicle repair expectations.  Sameday can help you avoid costly lease return repair charges. Call us today to schedule your free vehicle assessment!