Leather, Plastics, & Vinyl

Auto Leather Restoration

Sameday provides premium repair and rejuvenation for leather seats, consoles, and dashboards. We repair leather scuffs, cuts, tears, and stains. We can even repair extensive sun fading damage to restore your leather’s original look and feel.

We offer many services for interior car leather repair:
– Cleaning
– Re-dye
– Rejuvenation
– Restoration
– Stain removal
– Repair of cuts & tears
– Protection

Our leather specialists have been working with leather in the automotive and residential fields for over twenty years, and have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your type of leather. Leather, when cared for correctly, will long outlast most fabric upholstery.

Interior Plastic, Dash and Door Panel Repair

Sameday repairs interior plastic and vinyl. We fix scuffs and cuts in dashboards as well as damaged door panels. We also handle insurance claims when these types of items are damaged and the repair work needs to be perfect.

We exclusively use products of the utmost quality in our automotive interior repair procedures. The coatings used by Sameday technicians are the exact Tier 1, OEM coatings used and specified for Toyota/Lexus, Daimler/Chrysler and other premium automobile manufacturers. The system is remarkably strong, the sheen is perfect, and the feel matches OEM.

Leather Seat Cleaning

Professional leather cleaning removes the grime, dirt and oils that build up in the leather over time. Sameday’s technicians can also remove indigo dye stains (usually from designer denim jeans) from your car’s leather seats.

Regular care and cleaning of your leather upholstery will prolong the longevity of your leather and restore its original soft feel. We can also apply a special protectant to newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather that will help repel spills and stains. To ensure your leather lasts as long as it possible, Sameday uses a three step process: Cleaning, Rejuvenation, and Protection.