Paint Refinishing

Mobile Scratch Repair Experts

Sameday technicians repair paint scratches with such skill, it’s as if the damage never happened. After retrieving your vehicle’s paint code, our professionals use state-of-the-art technology to perfectly match the color, then repaint the area with high-end European paint and clearcoat. The finish is then baked on with a high-intensity infrared lamp, restoring the integrity of the surface.

We’ve become artisans at blending popular paints such as silvers, golds, blacks, and pearls. Our experts try to keep the repair area extremely small and limited to one panel, leaving factory finishes intact and helping your vehicle maintain its highest value.

Premium Paint Refinishing

We use only the best—Spies Hecker, DuPont’s finest line of refinish paint—for expert color matching and precision painting. Spies Hecker’s superior paint products have been officially endorsed by the biggest names in the automotive industry, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi America, Honda, Ford, General Motors, Toyota/Lexus, Hyundai, Jaguar North America, and Subaru. Their approvals are your assurance that our paint products have met intense requirements and quality standards. The result? A perfect color match every time.

What’s more, the paint refinishing system used by Sameday has become the preferred choice of dealer networks for warranty and refinish paint work. Our refinish experts also receive in-depth training to ensure that the paints and systems used are applied with the utmost skill and precision.

All of which means that you—and your vehicle—are guaranteed the ultimate in paint restoration: a truly like-new surface finish.


See what our customers say about us…

“I had a couple of ugly gouges on the tailgate of a six month old vehicle due to a run-in with a closing garage door. Dan came out today and in two and one half hours the gouges were gone. There was no indication the paint was ever damaged. The repair felt as smooth and looked as good as when the vehicle was new. I am completely satisfied with the repair. The cost was less than half the quote that I received from a trusted body shop.  I will definitely use Sameday again if I need paint repair. Dan was friendly and professional. Thank-you.” Alan Codenys, Tacoma WA