Paintless Dent Repair

Trustworthy Industry Leading Paintless Dent Repair

Dents happen. The good news is that many dents can be repaired. In fact, many can be repaired without repainting in a process known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This is an optimal method because it keeps the original factory paint intact—and your vehicle value higher.

More good news: Sameday is a pioneer in Paintless Dent Repair methods and innovations. Instead of hammers and dollies, or pulling welded-on pins, Sameday uses special long-reaching tools to get behind dents and massage out damage, so there’s no need for repainting or body fillers. Whether the dents are small or large, if the paint is not broken or cracked, this method can save time and money. Leading auto insurance companies have approved Paintless Dent Repair as their method of choice, and Sameday’s techniques meet and even exceed insurance company requirements.

In many cases, the process of dent removal is equal parts art and science, requiring the skilled hands and patience of a craftsman. The result is a panel restored to its original perfect condition.

Advantages of Sameday’s Paintless Dent Removal

A vehicle with original paint always retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. By removing dents without breaking the paint, Sameday technicians are also able to save you money by eliminating the cost of paint supplies. Additionally, since no auto paint, body fillers, or sanding work are required, Paintless Dent Removal is one of the most environmentally sound options in the auto repair industry.

Even the most extensive dent damage can usually be completed in a matter of hours, not days, and Sameday‘s on-site mobile service saves you even more time. Call Sameday to paintlessly remove dents from your vehicle—and help maintain its value.


See what our customers say about us…

“I wanted to pass along my thank you for a great job that Pete Keen completed today on my 2012 Honda Crosstour. Pete came out early today and in less than 1 ½ hours had the entire damaged area back to the way it looked driving out of the showroom! What he did, his attention to detail, and the great professionalism he demonstrated for the whole repair was truly outstanding … I have no doubt I will be coming back to Sameday in the future …” Jeb Parr, Seattle WA