How to Avoid the Costly Mistake of Doing Nothing

Did you know that in a short period of time a simple scratch or nick in your vehicle’s paint finish can begin rusting? Along comes wet, cooler temperatures and that small problem can rapidly escalate to a larger, more costly one. Luckily there is a solution. To avoid this expensive mistake, it is best to have paint chips and scratches repaired within 30 days.

Also, there is no need to repaint an entire vehicle panel just to eliminate minor nicks & scratches. It is more beneficial to the vehicle’s value to keep as much of the original factory finish intact.  Rather than repainting the whole side of your vehicle, it is best to hire an expert technician who is able to perfectly match the paint color to repair only the damaged area. Keeping the repair area small eliminates unnecessary costs while maintaining your vehicle’s highest value, and preserving the vehicle finish.

Sameday provides premium refinishing services with a rapid one-day turnaround that will help you avoid long wait times that lead to costly repairs. After retrieving your vehicle’s paint code, our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to perfectly match the paint color, then repaint the damaged area with high-end European paint and clearcoat. The finish is then baked-on with a high intensity infrared lamp, leaving your car ready to drive. With Sameday Repair you can avoid wasted time and needless effort on your part throughout the entire repair process. You can eliminate imperfections in your vehicle’s finish before they have a chance to become bigger by using Sameday’s expert color matching and precision painting process.

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