Maintaining your Vehicles Highest Value

No one likes to have their car serviced; especially when your vehicle’s value is on the line. But, with Sameday getting your car repaired can be a stress free process. By using a procedure known as paintless dent repair we restore your vehicle’s metal back to its original state, keep the paint finish intact, and maintain your vehicles highest value.

PDR is most commonly believed to have started on the Mercedes-Benz assembly lines in Germany. Popularity grew through late 80’s into the early 90’s and major insurance companies ran tests on panels repaired with PDR to determine which methods worked best. The process is now a trusted repair method by car dealerships and consumers nationwide.  Even cars with hail damage can be restored to an original state.  It is the environmentally sound option with no need for bondo, paint or exorbitant fees.  Paintless dent removal saves time and money.  A ding or dent can be removed for a fraction of the price of conventional body shops and repairs can usually be performed in an hour or less, instead of three to four days of downtime, typical of bodyshops.

Pain Free Dent Removal is very affordable for anyone.

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