Premium Paint Refinishing Repairs

A high percentage of your refinishing work can be performed onsite immediately, eliminating interruptions to your schedule.

Sameday offers high-end mobile paint refinishing solutions to the states of Washington, Oregon and northern California. By using only DuPont’s finest refinish paint, we guarantee a front-line, retail-ready product.

Our technicians have become artisans at blending popular paints such as silvers, golds, blacks, and pearls. Our experts try to keep the repair area extremely small and limited to one panel, leaving factory finishes intact and helping your vehicle maintain its highest value.

As always, our technicians exclusively use Audi, BMW, Honda, General Motors, Ford, Toyota/Lexus, Hyundai, Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo, Porsche, and Mercedes approved paint refinish products, specifically DuPont’s top tier, German-made Spies Hecker line. (In 2006, Audi of America specified their preference of these products.) Their approvals are your assurance that our paint products have met intense requirements and quality standards. The result? A perfect color match every time..

All of this means that you—and your vehicle—are guaranteed the ultimate in paint restoration: a truly like-new surface finish.

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