Save Time & Money!

We know your time is value. That’s why the technicians at Sameday are committed to the expert handling of minor vehicle damage within a rapid time frame. You no longer have to leave your car in a body shop for days on end. Most of our repairs are completed the “SAMEDAY” eliminating loss-of-use time. If it’s a paint scratch you need repaired, our skilled technicians can perfectly match the paint color and repaint the damaged area with high-end European paint and clearcoat. The process is then completed with a high-intensity infrared lamp which bakes on the finish, leaving your car ready to drive. Sameday’s expert bumper repair also saves you time. By repairing only the damaged area we help maintain a majority of your vehicle’s factory finish and extend your vehicle’s value. We also save you money- repairing only the damaged area of the bumper can be a lot more cost effective than buying an entire new bumper (you know how expensive replacement parts can be). If it’s a cosmetic repair your vehicle’s in need of, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Sameday 1-800-422-8897.

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