Unique Applications for Automotive Refinish Systems

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Although Sameday primarily repairs automobiles and leather, we have often times completed work to items that contain similar finishes. Among these random items have been phonographs, refrigerator doors, cash registers, generators, salad bars etc…

The following repairs were completed using only the finest repair products and each of these items were restored to pre-damage condition.

A rare and valuable antique such as this 1903 Victrola speaker can be valued at hundreds or in some cases perhaps thousands of dollars. Victrola speakers were designed by the Victor Talking Machine Company, an American corporation, and the leading producer of phonographs throughout the 19th century. With a priceless piece of history, such as this antique speaker, maintaining its authenticity and prolonging its life is crucial.

Because of the high quality and superiority of Sameday’s refinishing and repair systems, we were able to remove the minor dents from this prized Victrola. And when it came to the custom hand-painted gold stripes on the speaker, it was particularly important to keep as much of the original design and paint work intact; so rather than repaint the entire speaker, our technician was able to perfectly match the paint and repair only the damaged areas. Afterward the brass and tin sections of the speaker were shined and polished using the finest products in the industry. We were able to restore this Victrola speaker to its original pre-damaged condition and preserve the integrity and uniqueness of this timeless piece of history.






When this twenty thousand dollar custom designed salad bar was delivered with minor scratches on all four corners, Sameday received a call to complete the repairs. Using our approved paint refinishing techniques, we removed the unattractive scratches and refinished the damaged area using perfectly matched colored paint. Fortunately, instead of having this expensive piece transported back to the manufacture,  incurring long  downtime and costly transportation charges,  Sameday was able to complete all of the repairs on-site in a matter of several hours, saving  the customers time and money.






Sometimes large structures become regrettably damaged and there is no way to physically move the object to a repair shop. Such was the case when several interlocking aluminum wall panels became dented and scratched. With Sameday’s on-site repair service we were able to remove the paint scratches and dents from these interconnected panels in a matter of several hours (a process that had the panels been transported to a repair center would cost at least $15,000 as well as incur a prolonged repair time).






Sameday’s premium repair and restoration services are not solely exclusive to vehicle repair work. Our refinishing systems allow us to work for many types of clients, and complete repairs to a vast array of unique and valuable items such as dented refrigerator doors, custom designed salad bars, and antiques that have shown signs of aging over time.  Our technicians are committed to restoring value to all items; our commitment to excellence, displays its self in every job we complete. Sameday is committed to listening to their customer’s requests and fulfilling them to the highest level of quality and expertise. With exceptional refinish systems and superior repair methods, Sameday has earned a reputation for offering high quality repairs to even the most distinctive and unusual items.

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