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Sameday Classic Car Repairs| Mobile Classic Car Paint Repairs

Classic cars are exclusive, stunning, and full of history. They are personal and something many people don’t own. When you own something that valuable, you want it to always look up to its maximum appearance. Whether it be scratched, dented, or paint chipped, Sameday can restore it to its original condition. Here are some recent […]

Classic Car Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments have been a watermark of the classic car for many years. From Rolls-Royce’s “Spirit of Ecstasy” to Packard’s “Goddess of Speed”, the emblems represent the true craftsmanship and luxury of the classic car era. In the early 1900’s when vehicle manufactures first started producing exclusive luxury lines, cars required external temperature    gauges and […]

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

                  The first-generation Chevy Camaro began its debut in September 1966, in response to the release of the Ford Mustang. At that time GM and Ford were battling for the number one sales position in the automotive industry and GM was hoping the Camaro would put them […]

Classic Car Restoration

The word ‘classic’ usually denotes something that possesses lasting significance and worth. This holds true for cars as well. A vintage vehicle whose beauty and value has withstood the test of time is a treasure worth preserving. For over 25 years, Sameday has helped classic car owners maintain their vehicle’s highest value. Our expert technicians […]

Classic Car Repair

If you own a classic car, or better yet, have a valuable classic car collection, you will be very particular about who you allow to complete repairs and touch-ups for you. The company must be highly skilled, reliable, trustworthy, and have knowledge of the most efficient repair methods. Sameday has been helping vehicle owners maintain […]