Premium Automotive Paint Repair

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Premium Automotive Paint Repair

With almost all of today’s paints being basecoat/clearcoat systems, you may think that they are all created equal. You may also think that when a vehicle is damaged, all repair companies employ the same  high quality paint that was used during original painting at the factory. However, this is not the case. Different quality paints contain […]

How to Avoid the Costly Mistake of Doing Nothing

Did you know that in a short period of time a simple scratch or nick in your vehicle’s paint finish can begin rusting? Along comes wet, cooler temperatures and that small problem can rapidly escalate to a larger, more costly one. Luckily there is a solution. To avoid this expensive mistake, it is best to […]

Hyundai & Spies Hecker Launch Cooperative Agreement

Hyundai sets high standards when it comes to professional refinishing in order to ensure hat the quality of the repair is upheld. Hyundai and paint maker Spies Hecker have signed a global cooperation agreement. Read more…