Sameday Auto Scratch & Dent Repair has established a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry. Our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service.

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“I just had Joel Hicks from Sameday come out to my residence in Port Orchard (early March 2016) to work on my 2015 Mini Cooper and my 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.  While I had previously thought he was a pretty swell guy just from communicating with him about the repairs beforehand via email, when I met him in person, I was even more impressed by his professionalism, handshake, and of course, his work!  Although we had agreed on a price via an estimate about a week earlier that Joel had sent me for each of the three items I wanted him to fix, when he was done (much earlier than expected), he had trimmed down the cost of one of the jobs… Plus, it’s like I have nice, new vehicles again!  If you need paintless dent removal or dinged rim repair, Joel and SAMEDAY should be NUMBER ONE on your list.  I highly recommend them.  Excellent and professional work for a fair price!”
Kurt Young, Port Orchard WA


“Great service, as always today. Thank you for your and your team’s VERY PROFESSIONAL service…”
John Vanderford, Portland OR


“Excellent performance! They are as good as the best and better than the most!”
Jim Greene, Wilsonville OR


Cap did a fantastic job on my red Mini Cooper….he was professional, detail oriented and my cooper looks like it was never scratched in the first place.  I would definitely use him again and will recommend him to my friend’s.
Kristi Jordan, Seattle WA


Got an appointment scheduled just a few days after I called. Morgan did the repair in just a few hours right outside my work location. The initial estimate was spot on, the repair was amazing! He also cleaned my car and made it super shiny! I was amazed at how fast the repair was and how good my car looked afterwards!
Willie Taing, Renton WA


I had a couple of ugly gouges on the tailgate of a six month old vehicle due to a run-in with a closing garage door. Dan came out today and in two and one half hours the gouges were gone. There was no indication the paint was ever damaged. The repair felt as smooth and looked as good as when the vehicle was new. I am completely satisfied with the repair. The cost was less than half the quote that I received from a trusted body shop.  I will definitely use Sameday again if I need paint repair. Dan was friendly and professional. Thank-you.
Alan Codenys, Tacoma WA


“Dear Ben, Thank you so much for the great job you did on my Nissan Sentra! I am very impressed with your professionalism and all your staff. You are a first rate business! I feel so fortunate to have been recommended to you!”
Sister Rita V, Portland OR


Chris – WOW.!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!! You exceeded my expectations! As the original owner – my 300 looks today like when it was brand new- 7 years ago! I spent along time walking around staring at it when I got home. Although ALL of the front fender work is amazing – the entire car looks incredible! Thanks again – you guys do GREAT work!
Frank Davis, Issaquah WA


I brought my prized Nissan Versa in to Sameday in Beaverton, Oregon and they repaired my left front fender…Elena and Daniel were so kind and professional. I highly recommend this shop for excellent work…the price was much better than any other place I checked out and the work was so perfect. I don’t notice a difference (in color) between the repaired area and the rest of my car…I am pleased with the car repair! Fantastic work! I have given out over twenty cards and told everyone I know how great you folks are.
Lynn Schroder, Beaverton OR


“I recently had Jesse from Same day come out to fix my car and was so impressed… He started the work on my 2007 Acura MDX. I had rear bumper damage…I thought I was still going to be able to see damage with my naked eye when he was finished but to my enjoyment you cannot tell; my car is beautiful again. I also had 3 small dents on the side of the car that were there upon purchase and he also made repairs to those and some scratches on my tailgate. Jesse was extremely professional and friendly. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend him to a friend or family member. Thank you for taking such good care of my car and me!”
Shannon Julian, Maple Valley WA


“My experience with Chris Kirk and his Same-Day staff was top notch from start to finish. Chris accommodated me in every sense of the word — he arranged a convenient time and place to perform the work, did an A+ job on the repair, and has done an exceptional job servicing my needs. I would recommend Chris and his team whenever given the opportunity.”
Matt, Bellevue WA


“Ben, Thank you. The (BMW) M-3 looks beyond my expectations- like new. The leather restoration is truly outstanding. I literally think it looks perfectly new… The rest of the work is to your usual high standard; the paint is great, the repair of the front air dam looks perfect. The dent is gone. Thank you. Thank you.”
Lauretta Young, Beaverton OR


“Cap from Sameday Expert Scratch and Dent Repair came out to my home today to inspect my Lexus. He immediately remedied my problem in the most professional manner I have yet seen and observed in a very long time. He was courteous and very responsive, most of all understanding of the stress this issue was causing me and my daughter who scratched the car coming out of the garage…I recommend that you refer Cap to everyone you possibly can. I was more than impressed. My problem was immediately resolved due to Cap’s professionalism and generosity.”
Ben Szoboszlay, Seattle WA


“I wanted to pass along my thank you for a great job that Pete Keen completed today on my 2012 Honda Crosstour… Pete came out early today and in less than 1 ½ hours had the entire damaged area back to the way it looked driving out of the showroom! What he did, his attention to detail and the great professionalism he demonstrated for the whole repair was truly outstanding… A fantastic job and a great customer rep in Pete Keen… I have no doubt I will be coming back to Sameday in the future for any paint issues but also for your other services also. ”
Jeb Parr, Seattle WA


“I am delighted with the wonderful job your representative, George Stephenson, performed on my Subaru Outback. No one would ever know that it had been damaged! You are very lucky to have such a dedicated and skilful employee. Should I ever need your company’s service again I will definitely contact you. I am also telling my friends about your service.”
Margaret Marshall, Puyallup WA


“I called these guys to fix a dent and some scratches that had accumulated on my car over the years. I wanted it to look as good as possible as I’m getting ready to sell it. I made an appointment and a very nice technician named David came out, arrived on time, and did the work in about an hour and a half… I am very happy with the quality of the work. I can’t tell where a single dent or scratch on my car used to be and I know that this investment is going to pay off when I sell it.”
Heather M., Seattle WA


“After driving an ‘86 Honda for most of its 25 years, I switched to a big-boy car, an Audi ‘08 RS4. I have to blame it on the width of the newer car, but I had all four very costly alloy wheels chewed to shreds within 6 months. I was too embarrassed to continue driving it in that condition, but I didn’t want to spring for new wheels. I Googled wheel repair and came up with Sameday so I sent an email to request a quote.

I had an immediate and simultaneous email response from the office and call from Chris Kirk, the repair tech. He drives a self-contained unit and can do on-site repairs, but we agreed in the interest of my condo neighbors’ peace to meet at Barrier Audi in Bellevue and let him do the work there. I didn’t want to drive in heavy traffic, so Chris provided me with a 24-hour rental at his expense. That made drop-off and pickup very convenient for me, and also allowed me to schedule repair of some Audi problems at the same visit (Barrier Audi Service is also fantastic, but that’s another story).

To the point: Chris did an amazing repair job on the wheels, something I didn’t think was possible. They all look brand-new, except for the areas where I completely eliminated some of the bead of the alloy rim. In those locations, he smoothed and finished them so well that they really have to be scrutinized closely to notice anything different from a new wheel. Dealing with Sameday was the best experience I could wish for in this situation. The result is perfect, the time required minimal, Chris was very pleasant and capable, and the cost a small fraction of what replacement would cost. Unfortunately, with my record, there’s a chance I’ll need some work done in another 6 months. There’s no question that I’ll go back to Sameday, and Chris if he’s available.”
David Nank, Edmonds WA


“It was 2pm and I was just finalizing the last wash and detail on my car which I was selling the very next morning to an out of state picky buyer and I saw a very noticeable chip in the paint along a lower door sill, I panicked for a minute because I knew the buyer would see it and would not like it, I knew it could jeopardize the sale. I quickly emailed Chris with Sameday, he had done some previous amazing work for me on another vehicle, and asked him if there was ANY way he could come out TODAY and take care of this for me. It was totally last minute and I was less than hopeful. Amazingly, Chris called me right back and said that he could be to my house in 30 minutes- WOW! I wasn’t home at the time so I told him where the chip was on the car. After I got home later that evening I could not believe it but I could not even see where the chip had been, the spot looks factory fresh and perfect! I was so happy and so was my buyer! Disaster averted, everyone happy! Thank you Chris and thank you Sameday!! I could not be happier!!”
Kayla Miller, Bellevue WA


“I talked to Don and he gave me an estimate to repair and refinish damage on the left rear bumper, and even answered many questions. He was extremely nice to deal with and he went over and above. He does excellent work and his price was very reasonable. I will call him for any work I need done in the future. ”
Sandra Shaw, Federal Way WA


“If you all love your car(s) as I know you do, you will want to check out Cliff Feliciano at Sameday Scratch Repair in Portland. No more scratches, scrapes, or dents. Great service for an awesome price. They will even come to you. ”
Jackie Thomas, Portland OR


“Ron Price came to our home and repaired and refinished damaged paint on my car. He removed a gouge from my front bumper and the right side door. We love Sameday’s service and have recently recommended them to a friend who was equally satisfied. Ron was prompt, efficient, and professional. The quality of the work was amazing, impossible to know where the dings had been. Not only do they come to your house, but the work is top quality!”
Jodie Jones, Seattle WA


“I was so pleased with the job you did on my Audi A5. You did excellent work. I could not even tell that it was scratched. I will definitely recommend you and your services to friends and family… In a few months I will contact you as I would love for you to fix the curb rash on my rims.”
Jenna Weibling, Bellevue WA


“… Your staff is amazing, Cliff in particular.  Thank you so much for your quick response in bringing my car back to perfect condition.  It is unusual to run across a company with such integrity and unbelievable customer service.  I will highly recommend Same Day to all my friends. Thank you again and keep up the superior work.”
Joanne Crane, Portland OR


“We are so thrilled with our “new” couch and chair. My husband came home and was amazed. My piano students noticed too. You were a pleasure to work with and we are so pleased to have the cleaning and repairs finished before our upcoming party. Thanks for being so flexible.
When I looked at your website and saw the before and after photos, I decided to try your services. But I never imagined that you would be able to make such a difference in such a short time. It’s so nice to know that I don’t have to cover up the eye sores any more. Thanks to your expertise!! I wish you continued success in all you do. I will be sure to pass your name to my friends.”
Caroline and Tom Quinn, Seattle WA


“Excellent. SameDay completed the work on both my cars in 3 1/2 hours in our driveway. The work is superb; no sign there were any dents or even repair work done. I would highly recommend Chris Kirk, the technician, and this company. It was easy to schedule appointment; Chris and his assistant arrived punctually and completed work in time and price estimated.”
Toby Warson, Woodinville WA


“Ben detailed and revitalized my vintage car. The work he completed was excellent and my car looks wonderful! Ben is a pleasure to work with and certainly gives his clients the best value for their money. I highly recommend Ben and his staff to restore your car, new or old, to its formal beauty!”
Reba Sharp, Beaverton OR


“… Tom does everything out of his van. It’s amazing! I met him at my local Subaru dealer to get a quote. Tom fixed a deep gouge in front bumper, a small crease and big dimple on hood with cracked paint, small nicks in the rear bumper, a small gouge on the edge of the wheel well, & numerous paint chips. Not only was the bodywork flawless, but his touch up of normal paint chips was virtually invisible to spot afterwards. I’m having him fix a couple of gouges on my sister’s new Subaru in the next two weeks. Several friends, having seen the result have asked for his phone number. The work left me with a nearly 10 year old car that looks brand new.”
Bill Ledrew, Seattle WA


“Wow! Auto body repair that comes to you! Chris was a pleasure to work with from initial contact through completion of the work… He was friendly and efficient, and the quality of work was excellent. Chris also offered helpful info on what to use to get rid of stubborn sap on the car and even removed a bunch of spots for me.”
Lesley Wood, Seattle WA


“Very few individuals meet expectation these days, not only did Cliff meet expectation but exceeded them. Cliff did such a great job I have recommended him to friends and co-workers.”
Joel Barker, Beaverton OR


“Tom was punctual, very nice, and extremely detail oriented. He came to my home and we moved my truck to a cooler place for him to work. He spent all day and the results are perfect- no one can tell that there was ever anything there. You can’t even feel any difference when you run a cloth or your hand over the repaired area. I am going to have him repair my daughter’s car for her birthday as well.”
Gail Williams, Renton WA


“I am one of Chris Kirk ‘s happy customers ever since I bought my Audi in Bellevue a couple years ago. His politeness, professionalism and confidence towards the job really impressed me and his work was outstanding just like he promised… I can tell that he is a piece of genuine gemstone that your company should treasure.”
Jin Zhou, Bellevue WA


“I called and made an appointment for both of our Lexus’s to be worked on for various dents and scratches, WOW!!!
Josh Mandville came out and looked at the damages, gave us his price and was available the following week to begin the repairs. He showed up exactly on time! and did a fantastic job!!! I will recommend their service to everyone I know.
Jerome Nottage, Eureka CA


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