Auto Interior Leather Cleaning & Maintenance

After years of use, your vehicle’s leather interior can become soiled, stained from body oils and perspiration, and may even experience selective color loss. These factors cause breakdown to the leather’s finish, leading to dryness and cracking.

Sameday’s leather services include a broad range of repair capabilities, with a single focus – to restore leather to its finest condition.  We have expertly trained technicians who possess the skills and equipment to accomplish your vehicle’s leather rejuvenation needs. Sameday’s leather cleaning and maintenance services for interior leather seats, consoles, panels and dashboards prolong the longevity of your leather and keep your vehicle’s interior looking great.

With Sameday’s premium leather reconditioning services, cuts, tears, scuffs, and stains can be repaired, eliminating the need for replacement of expensive leather interior parts. Our trained technicians use the exact Tier 1, OEM systems approved by premier vehicle manufacturers, offering our customers the highest quality repair option.

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