Best Cars of 2013 | Sameday Mobile Repairs

We thought we’d take a look back through the year at the top five most impressive vehicles we had the pleasure of working on.

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In fifth place was the Range Rover Land Rover. Seeing one of these pass
by is always a pleasure.

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Coming in at fourth was performing refinish repairs at the same location,
same day to this Lexus ES350 and Porsche 911. It’s always exciting when we
have dual mobile service appointments at the same location.

It was a true Pacific Northwest type of day when we performed repairs the
Audi Cycling Team’s Audi Q7. With so many miles under this vehicle, restoring
the team’s wheels was truly an experience.

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It’s not everyday that we see a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo stop by our shop; so
putting this at second place was a tough decision.

Audi R8, Audi R8 repairs
Finally in first place is the impressive Audi R8. Every time we work on the R8 we are reminded of why it is truly
one of the most prestigious vehicles of our time. As we finished up repairs and the sunlight began to fade,
we were able to take one final look of the iconic Audi R8.

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