Bumper Repairs

Finding the best repair option for your damaged bumper can be time consuming and confusing. Some sources say to replace your entire bumper, while others say to only repair the damaged area. There are many factors involved, such as your vehicle, budget, safety, and personal preference. Here are a few options to consider when deciding what repair would be best for you.

(1.  If your bumper has internal damage (eg. cracked absorber or bent reinforcement bar) you will most likely have to replace your entire bumper. If you don’t replace an internally damaged bumper, your vehicle would be unsafe as it could not absorb the impact in the occurrence of an accident. Bumper replacement usually is in the $1,000+ price range.

 (2.  If your bumper has a scratch, dent, or paint chip, it would probably need a cosmetic repair also known as spot repair. The cost of a cosmetic repair would be in the $100+ depending on the size, location, and severity of the damage. At Sameday, we offer onsite bumper repair services completed the same day. All of our repair services come with a unique 100% lifetime guarantee.



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