Expert Scratch Removal

It can begin with just a simple, quick trip to the grocery store; after completing your shopping you return to your car and to your horror discover that someone has keyed the door. Or perhaps your car is parked nicely in the driveway when your child rides by on their bicycle, gets too close, and now their bike handles have left an unsightly scratch. And then there are the times when there’s no one to blame but oneself for not seeing the garbage can that was still sitting in front of the garage. Let’s be honest, car scratches can happen even to the best of us.

Not all scratches are created equal. Some “scratches” may not even be scratches at all. You may find that sometimes the object doing the rubbing may have been softer than the paint. Instead of scratching the car, it deposits material on the paint surface. But many marks simply “scratch the surface,” as it were. The offending object gouges the clearcoat but leaves the primer and metal unscathed. In this case, it may be possible to simply remove the scratch with some careful sanding, buffing, and waxing.Even if the scratch is deep enough to damage the paint, the scratch is still fixable. Skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to perfectly match the paint color, then repaint the damaged area with high-end European paint, clearcoat, then finish it off with a high intensity infrared baked-on finish process.

If you’re considering having a paint scratch refinished, be sure to use a high quality company. They will be able to keep their repair area extremely small. Repairing only the damaged section allows the majority of your vehicle’s original paint to remain perfectly intact.

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