Headlight Fog Prevention

It seems that the rains have made their presence known and are beginning a long, wet season here in the pacific northwest area. Rain means condensation, and condensation means foggy headlights. It is of great importance to ensure that  your headlights are cleaned and properly sealed for the dark, rainy months. Driving at night can be dangerous, and even more so if your headlights are foggy or discolored, because the bulb will appear dim, putting you and other drivers at risk of an accident. If your headlights are looking foggy or dim, it may be time to clean and seal them. Sealing cracks, holes, and around the bulb in the headlight after cleaning will prevent moisture from entering in. There are many ways of doing this yourself, but often times it is easier, faster, and more convenient to have your local auto-body shop or car maintenance center.


before after




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