Leather Seat Reconditioning

Have you ever worn brand new jeans in your car or your friends car only to find out later that they put an ugly blue stain on the seat? Or spilled a vanilla latte all over your beige leather car seat? Have no worries, with the proper cleaning and care, your leather seats can be cleaned and restored to almost factory condition.

Professional leather cleaning removes the grime, dirt and oils that build up in the leather over time. To ensure your leather lasts as long as possible, Sameday uses a three step process: Cleaning, Rejuvenation, and Protection. We exclusively use products of the utmost quality in our automotive interior repair procedures. The coatings used by Sameday technicians are the exact Tier 1, OEM coatings used and specified for Toyota, Lexus, Chrysler and other premium automobile manufacturers. Having the leather seats in your car cleaned and conditioned every six months will help them maintain their brand new look and feel.


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