Overspray Removal for 2010 Honda Accord

Occasionally, house painters cause overspray, especially when weather conditions are windy. These types of overspray occurrences often damage many automobiles in range.

Although overspray can look severe and even irreversible, paint overspray is a fairly common problem and can be removed if you address the issue quickly. Time is of the essence in cases of overspray; the particles should be cleaned and removed quickly to avoid rusting and contamination of the finish.

Sameday, who has gained a reputation for their unparalleled turn-around times, was called in to clean up the latex paint overspray damage to this 2010 Honda Accord.

Knowing that paint overspray can cause more extensive damage the longer it’s left on the vehicle surface, Sameday’s experienced technician, Bill Kirk, along with Honda Auto Center of Bellevue’s excellent detailing department, worked rapidly to remove the unwanted paint overspray before more damage took affect.

Using a high performance repair system, Sameday technician Bill Kirk was able to preserve the vehicle’s original paint finish, as well as avoid the need to repaint entire door panels and replace trim panels and moldings. Sameday’s premier overspray removal system preserved the vehicle value and saved the customer time and money since repainting the vehicle was no longer necessary.

Trust the experts in overspray removal techniques. Sameday has removed many types of overspray, including: oil, rail dust, carbon ash, epoxy, latex, single stage enamels, road spray and tar. We can restore vehicle to its previous condition or better with our overspray removal process.

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