Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall

With autumn fast approaching, the rains and winds will be settling in and replacing the warm sunny weather we have enjoyed this summer. It is important to ensure that your vehicle is safely prepared for the unpredictable weather of the Northwest area. Between driving back and forth to work, taking the kids to school, it is important to know that you, your family, or anyone else’s safety will not be in jeopardy as you drive on the slick, slippery roads. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your vehicle:


1. Check the fluids in your car, such as antifreeze, windshield cleaner, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid…this would be good to check with your local auto mechanic. 

2. Ensure your windshield wipers are performing properly.  If the wipers are chattering, streaking or otherwise failing to wipe cleanly and consistently, it would be best to replace them. 

3. Check your tires. Make sure they aren’t flat, worn or have poor traction when gripping the road.

 4. Make sure your headlights are bright and all lights are working properly.

5. Have a mechanic check your brakes.

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It is important to ensure safety of yourself and others on the road, by taking care of these things, so you will be able to drive safely and with ease.

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